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(Personal 50-60 min hands on consultation)



These sessions are tailored to suit each client's needs. The client lies or sits comfortably clothed on a low padded table whilst the practitioner guides his or her movement through gentle precise touch.


Habits causing physical disturbances are brought to light and through new movement are changed.


The learning is then applied to daily activity such as reading, sitting, standing and walking. 



How many consultations are usually required?


Years of practice experience has shown that the majority of clients experience profound results immediately though may require between 3-5 sessions to complete and integrate their learning.

I also have regular clients that I have been seeing weekly/monthly for many years who still experiece changes. 

Each of you will be satifisfied with different levels of learning. ie. some people are happy to only not have the problem they came in with and others want to expand on their continued change.


Can I claim and refund Functional Integration® consultations?


Yes. Rebates are available from some selected health funds including M.B.F Grand United, Government Employees Health Fund and many more.

The programs of the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service include the Feldenkrais Method.



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Functional Integration®