At-one-ment Series 



Presented by Gerald Sullivan, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.


Through his practice on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Gerald uses the Feldenkrais Method ® along with the principles taught in 'A Course in Miracles' to assist in bringing about the experience of Wholeness, Certainty and Innocence.





Series One: Guided Workshops in 2 audio CD Sets


Workshop 1: “Got No Idea” Living in the Presence | Releasing the Neck and Shoulders Working with the neck and shoulders releases the emotions connected with guilt and brings us towards an experience of innocence and freedom. This workshop assists in releasing the past and seeing the world without judgment.


Workshop 2: “Mind Your Own Business” Giving Up Resistance | Softening the Back The process of softening the back awakens us to the experience of allowing rather than resisting. This workshop assists in releasing our insecurity and fear bringing us towards an experience of trusting and allowing. .


Workshop 3: “Pull Yourself Together” From Fragmentation to Wholeness | Balancing the Body Inviting all areas of the body to work in unison brings about a more harmonious whole body function, which promotes a focussed, centered self perception. This workshop brings us towards an experience of connectedness, completion and wholeness.


Workshop 4: “Wake Up To Yourself” Remembering Your Power & Certainty| Promoting Strength & Stability in Movement Finding stability and strength in body movement reveals our self knowing, self assuredness and self reliance. This workshop teaches us to honour our integrity.





Each workshop: $30 each plus postage & packaging.


Complete series of 4 workshops: $100 plus postage & packaging.


To order email Gerald on or phone 0410 582 361