Awareness Through Movement®

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Bring a mat to lie on.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.


Uniting Church Hall

Cnr Poinciana Ave & Werin St

Tewantin, Sunshine Coast

Thursday 9AM - 10.15AM







The practitioner verbally guides groups through a sequence of movement exploration whilst sitting, lying or standing on the floor. Through the subtle movements you will learn to move more easily, effectively and with greater pleasure. 




Become Aware of areas in your body that are stiff or tight and hardly used.


Learn about places in your body that you overuse.


Discover how you compensate for this and how it limits your whole body function.


Experience how to release these areas to include them into a more harmonious whole body function.



With the Feldenkrais Method you will learn to:


  • Heal yourself

  • Develop self awareness

  • Improve balance, flexibility & coordination

  • Discover how habits can be the cause of dis-ease

  • Improve breathing

  • Reduce pain and stress

  • Release emotion

  • Release the bodily expressions of the past


Phone Gerald to book a place today 0410 582 361












Regardles of your condition these sessions offer you a process of discovery, recovery and renewal that can reduce your dependency on treatment and open up a path for continuing improvement.

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Classes begin 28 August 2020







Bring a mat to lie on.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.


Imperial Hotel
Cnr Memorial & Etheridge St


Tuesdays 9:30AM to 10:15AM




The slow, gentle and non-habitual movements of Feldenkrais improves body intelligence.

It enables a deeper sensing and refining of movement and makes possible inner and outer change