The Body only Expresses the Mind​​ 


​People look mostly to physical causes for their health problems such as past injuries, diet, repetitious working habits etc. And also focus on their physical circumstances to improve happiness.​​“My self judgement, doubt, guilt etc influences my perception of myself, so creating my self perception or self image.


This self perception influences my thoughts which determine my emotional response or reaction.’’​​The body only expresses the mind: Habits whether miniscule or obvious are mostly unconscious. These repetitious patterns of the mind over many years cause dis-ease or malfunction in the body, add to it complex needs for compensation plus anxiety (stress) and this affects the whole system (physical and emotional) disconnecting me from my true Self.​​


Imagine wearing a knapsack on your back and you put a couple of stones in it every year. Over time it would begin to weigh you down (e.g. stiffness, aches and pains). Over an extended period of time you would seriously have to compensate in the way you move, thus affecting more the systems in the body​.


The body only expresses the Mind --- your thoughts & emotions from your self perception. This gentle movement process strongly assists in freeing the limiting patterns of movement in the body which improves physical health & wellbeing. Which also assists in freeing the limiting patterns of thought & emotion that the body was originally expressing.


This release of self doubt, judgement, guilt etc strongly assists in restoring you towards real peace of mind and happiness.




Gerald Sullivan