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Customised Workshops ranging from half day to 3 days.

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Experience Awareness of Certainty, Wholeness, and Innocence


In these workshops we explore which of our habits of movement benefit us and which limit or cause dis-ease. Our habits are connected to patterns of thought resulting from our self- image - some are healthy, some are not, eg. habits of self doubt, lack, limitation and self judgment.


Through this Feldenkrais gentle movement process, we begin to recognise new patterns of movement that encourage an increased sense of balance, strength, ease, co-ordination and alignment. Further, since awareness doesn’t stop at the body image, we can recognise the newly-exposed Self Identity (certainty, innocence, wholeness, completion, etc) which now actuates this new bodily expression. We then strongly identify with this sense of ‘Self’ to support its integration, and maintain the enhanced body function.


We practise holding this conscious awareness using imagery, dedicated focus and alignment, whilst performing daily activities such as walking, looking, talking, touching and sharing. Each workshop explores different movement sequences that reinforce a newly realised sense of Self to whatever degree it is experienced.



Please email Gerald – or phone 0410 582 361 to register. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer. Bendigo Bank BSB 633 000 Account No: 121017552. Discounts available for multiple bookings.

Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a mat and/or blanket to lie on. 

Gerald can be booked to speak to your group or event on what the Feldenkrais method offers to our health and wellbeing.
Please contact to find out about arranging workshops in your area to suit the needs of your group.